Air Quality in your Boardroom

Don’t make your boardroom the ‘bored room’ where nothing gets accomplished.  Indoor air quality has a direct impact on the health, wellness and productivity of employees and occupants of any work environment.  Since most of the money making ideas or opportunities are supposed to originate from the boardroom, it’s crucial that the air quality in your ‘room ideas’ does not result in disasters from the ‘stupid room’.

Living Walls can help!

Poor air quality in the boardroom is usually measured by a few parameters.

  1. Poor ventilation resulting in elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels from too many people breathing.  This can make you feel lethargic, difficulty concentrating and does not promote bright ideas.
  2. Increase in dust and particulate which makes it hard to breathe resulting in sneezing and coughing.  
  3. Increase in airborne chemicals or VOC’s which produce odours.  Also not the best thing when you are trying to impress a client.

Elevated CO2 leads to the following:

  • Lethargy or tiredness
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • irritability
  • brain fog
  • Reduced oxygen intake

All of this poor indoor air quality actually makes us dumber.

So what is the fix?

  1. Have your office and board room tested for indoor air quality to determine what your air quality issues are.
  2. Living Wall, Living Wall, Living Wall

A living wall in your boardroom can address all of the above issues.  Plants are known as nature’s air cleaner and can absorb CO2, dust as well as VOC’s thereby reducing the amount of pollutants you may be breathing in and create oxygen.  The more oxygen and the less CO2 the more energetic people feel.

Contact us today and we can turn your board room into a genius room.

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