Best Air Purification System

The best indoor air quality is breathable air that is fresh, clean
and without harmful pathogens.

Bionic Healthy Home has the ultimate solution to help protect your home and your family. Now more than ever!
The Best Furnace Filter is a furnace filter system that removes indoor airborne pollution without restricting airflow or excessive back pressure that makes your furnace work harder as the filter gets clogged. Most, if not all, pleated filters have this problem.

Step 1: Protect

Keep your furnace and duct system clean with a furnace filter that removes airborne dust and cleans the air better than any pleated MERV rated filter on the market without clogging air flow.

It all starts with a better, more efficient, next generation electronic furnace filter.

The Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filtration System.
The Best HEPA Filtration System is fully sealed preventing any air from by-passing the highly efficient HEPA drum. Most HEPA filtration systems on the market lose their filtration efficiency through poor design or lack of quality control at the manufacturing level. We have the best HEPA air purification systems.

Step 2: Purify

Remove airborne fine dust, bacteria, mould and viruses with a central HEPA filtration system.

This removes 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in size. A human hair is 75 microns. Mould spores and bacteria are 1-5 microns in size.

HEPA filtration systems are being used in hospitals and dental clinics to help protect staff and patients from any airborne threat.

The Bionic Central HEPA filtration Solution.
Stale air can build up harmful pollutants and pathogens. Bionic Healthy Home has the Best Ventilation Systems such as HRV and ERV fresh air solutions. Don’t live in a plastic bubble with stale indoor air. Ventilate and breathe fresh air.

Step 3: Ventilate

Now you need not just clean air…you need fresh air as well

Lower indoor gases, chemicals, odours, CO2 and control humidity through proper air flow with a ventilation system.

Ventilation is the key to minimize build up of harmful indoor air pollution.

The proper size system is crucial.

The Bionic HRV and ERV Ventilation System.
HRV and ERV Systems
Cooling coils, furnaces and HVAC systems can become breeding grounds for harmful mould, bacteria and viruses. Indoor odours can be caused by a build up of these pathogens in your duct and HVAC system. Make your furnace, air conditioning and duct system a healthy indoor environment with the best UV disinfection system from Bionic Healthy Home.

Step 4: Disinfect

Mould and bacteria including viruses can form and collect inside your heating/cooling systems.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems can prevent these organisms from growing inside your HVAC system and help protect your indoor air.

The final step in clean and fresh air is proper disinfection.

The Bionic UV Disinfection System.


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Did You know

1) Better air filtration will not only improve indoor air quality…it will also lead to less settled household dust and less dusting. 2) Our Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filter can also remove odours and VOC’s 3) Your vacuum cleaner may actually be polluting the indoor air quality each time you vacuum. 4)  Excessive dust can lead to lung disease.

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