The Best Portable Air Purifier

The best indoor air quality is breathable air without harmful pathogens.

Bionic Healthy Home has the ultimate solution to help protect your home and your
family. Now more than ever!

Do you live in a condo or just want to purify the air in one large area or room?

The Bionic Jaspr portable Medical HEPA air purification system is the best HEPA air purification product ideal for offices, classrooms, restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms, hospital rooms, medical clinics, dental clinics and more.

Removes 99.97% of airborne pathogens such as fine dust, mould spores, airborne bacteria, airborne viruses at ultra small particles of 0.3 microns in size.
Worried about airborne pathogens including mould spores, bacteria and viruses? This is what hospitals medical clinics and dental surgery clinics are using in the GTA! How do we know? We sold it to them.

Portable: Compact Air Purification

Get purified clean air in any large room or area without needing ducts or an HVAC system.

The Bionic Jaspr Medical HEPA air purifier helps remove pathogens, fine dust, mould, bacteria and viruses at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns in size. The carbon filter helps remove chemicals and odours.

Get clean, pure, fresh air for any room in your house, condo, office or clinic.

There is a high demand for HEPA filters. Don’t delay.

The Bionic Jaspr Medical HEPA Air Purifier

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$1,969 while supplies last.

Please note with COVID-19 some systems may be back ordered. Speak to us today to find out pricing and timing.

Don’t delay, protect your home and your family today.

Did You know

1) Better air filtration will not only improve indoor air quality…it will also lead to less settled household dust and less dusting. 2) Our Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filter can also remove odours and VOC’s 3) Your vacuum cleaner may actually be polluting the indoor air quality each time you vacuum. 4)  Excessive dust can lead to lung disease.

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