Bionic Living Wall to improve your Indoor Air Quality

Bionic Healthy Home is proud to announce our living wall product line.  A living wall is the centre piece to any healthy home and provides a stunning natural air quality system that is sure to brighten any room.

Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem and solely responsible for absorbing chemicals, toxins while improving air quality and producing oxygen.  Indoors, plants can absorb VOC’s, odours and convert carbon dioxide (CO2) which we exhale into oxygen.

Through almost 18 years of performing indoor air quality assessments through our sister organization Verify Air Quality Test we have been witness to the climate change issue.  We have seen first hand the increase in global green house gases which can be measured with carbon dioxide (CO2) readings.   When we started performing indoor air quality testing services in the Toronto area most of our ambient or outdoor CO2 readings were in the 350-375ppm range.  This seems to have been fairly stable for decades or at least as long as outdoor CO2 readings have been recorded.  Lately, the CO2 ambient readings we have seen in the Toronto and GTA areas have been well above 400ppm.  In fact, most days this summer we have recorded reading over 450ppm.  This proves that the climate crisis is real and it is affecting our quality of air and quality of life.  

Aside from the outdoor environment, this has a direct effect on the indoor air quality as well.  As occupants of any home or building, we produce CO2 when we breathe.  If the outdoor CO2 levels are elevated, then so will be the indoor CO2 levels.  In fact, indoor level traditionally are always higher than outside because we close windows and doors in order to either heat or cool our indoor environment.

Elevated CO2 levels indoors can lead to poor indoor air quality.  Elevated CO2 leads to headaches, difficulty concentrating, lethargy, poor performance, insomnia, sleep apnea, mood disorders or cranky behaviour in kids, asthma and other respiratory issues.

If everyone in Canada would even buy 1 plant, the CO2 levels could be dramatically reduced.  Here is where the Bionic Living Wall is a perfect addition to your home, your air quality and the planet.

The Bionic Living Wall is a stunning, natural air filtration system.  It absorbs chemicals or VOC’s from paints, adhesives or furniture in your home.  Can absorb performs or colognes from guests.  Can reduce odours in the home from poor ventilation, mould or cleaning products.  Lastly, will provide fresh air by absorbing CO2 and turning it into fresh oxygen for you to breathe.  The large Living Wall has 36 plants, conveniently housed in a picture frame (much like a big screen TV) that is hung on your wall.  If you were to have 36 potted plants in room you would not be able to move.

The Bionic Living Wall is great for people that don’t have time to care for this many plants or may not be very good at keeping plants alive.  The living wall will indicate when it needs water and is watered usually every 10-14 days in one convenient spot.  It then waters and keeps the plants hydrated for you.

Improve the indoor air quality of your home, add a beautiful design to your home and help our planet.  Install a living wall!

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Frank Haverkate

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