Prevent Summer Allergies With Best Air Purification

Prevent Summer Allergies With Best Air Purification Indoor allergies this summer are estimates to be anywhere from high to very high, with hot and humid days and elevated air pollution.  This means that allergy sufferers in Toronto and the GTA will have a tough time this summer, unless they have a healthy home with good […]

How To Get Great Indoor Air Quality This Summer

With the first wave of COVID-19 starting to wind down in the last few days, we are getting more calls now for clients interested in making sure they are healthy this summer. This is how you get great indoor air quality this summer. The biggest issue in Southern Ontario in summer months are humidity and […]

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning System is supporting Your Health and Comfort

Air conditioning systems not only keep is cool and comfortable in the summer. Properly functioning air conditioning systems also protect our health and improve indoor air quality for a healthy home. As well are all looking forward to summer and warmer temperature, we will also be getting into air conditioning season. A properly functioning air […]

Is Your Home Helping To Protect You From COVID-19?

New Studies Link Indoor Air Pollution and Covid-19. New data indicates a possible link between indoor air quality and the risk of spreading COVID-19 in homes as well as workplaces.  Here are some of the recent headlines: Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19.  Is Your Home Protecting You OR Possibly Harming You? Coronavirus Lingers in Air […]

Prevent Viral Spread In Your Home with Air Purification and Proper Humidification

Prevent Viral Spread In Your Home with Air Purification and Proper Humidification  A recent Yale University study found that indoor air quality in your home can have an effect on the viral spread to other occupants (including seasonal flu and COVID-19) and the severity of symptoms. According to Dr. Meredith McCormack, an associate professor at […]