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We have sourced the best air filtration systems in the world…
…and they happen to be made in Canada!

Clean Air through Air Filtration

Clean indoor air does not contain harmful pollutants such as excessive particulate such as household dust, airborne fibres, mould spores or bacteria and viruses. Clean indoor air should just be that…Air.

Furnace Filtration

The Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filtration system is the next generation electronic filter system that uses agglomeration to clump and capture airborne particulate. It significantly reduces airborne dust, mould spores, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s much more efficiently than a high quality pleated furnace filter. Since there is very little back pressure or air flow restriction, these filters can save you 8-13% in your energy cost.

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Central HEPA Filtration

Central HEPA filtration systems can take furnace filtration to the next level. If you need your air as clean as possible, the Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filter with a Central HEPA system can give you the ultimate in air filtration.

Portable Air Filters

Don’t have ducts or live in an apartment. No worries, we have you covered with portable HEPA filters that can filter dust, mould and bacteria.

air filtration products toronto
air filters toronto

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Why clean your floors and put all the dust back into the air? If you don’t have a properly filtered

Did You know

1) Better air filtration will not only improve indoor air quality…it will also lead to less settled household dust and less dusting. 2) Our Bionic Cimatec Furnace Filter can also remove odours and VOC’s 3) Your vacuum cleaner may actually be polluting the indoor air quality each time you vacuum. 4)  Excessive dust can lead to lung disease.

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