Fresh Air

Clean air should also be Fresh Air

Is the air in your house not fresh?  Do you come home and smell unusual odours?
Do you have trouble sleeping?  Headaches? Is there excessive amounts of condensation on windows?
Do you wish for better fresher air?

Get Fresh Air through Ventilation

Your house may be too tightly sealed and not getting enough fresh air. This can lead to odours, condensation as well as hidden mould growth. Poor ventilation can lead to serious health issues such as allergies, headaches, insomnia, sleep apnea, difficulty breathing, sinus infections and respiratory illnesses.

Clean air must also be fresh air. Excessive humidity, odours, gases, dust, chemicals (VOC’s) as well as mould spores can accumulate if your air isn’t changed or renewed regularly. Our State-Of-The-Art ventilation systems can ensure you have the freshest cleanest air possible.

Do You Have Excessive Condensation? Odours?

Modern homes built within the last 20 years need mechanical ventilation for good indoor air quality.

HRV and ERV Systems

HRV and ERV systems are mechanical lungs for your home. These fresh air
systems continually bring in fresh air and push out stale air to provide both clean and fresh air.

If you see condensation on your windows, smell odours or are not feeling well indoors…you need fresh air.

Make your air fresh and clean. Breathe better and feel better.

Don’t Have Ducts? No Problem.

We have European designed ventilation systems for homes that do not have duct systems.

Non-ducted Ventilation System

Some homes don’t have duct systems or can not
physically install and HRV/ERV system for various
reasons. We have the solution!

Make your air fresh and clean. Breathe better and feel better.

Did You know

1) Poor ventilation can lead to odours. 2) Poor ventilation can lead to headaches. 3) Poor ventilation can lead to insomnia and sleep issues. 4) Poor ventilation can lead to lethargy or a groggy feeling in the morning. 5) Poor ventilation can lead to condensation on windows and mould growth.

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