Going on Vacation? Leaving your house unoccupied? Be Careful!

If you are leaving on vacation or going away for the weekend…this could happen to you.

Sudden temperature changes, increases in humidity (from a burst pipe or leak) or any other air quality change can lead to a serious and expensive mould growth issue.

The Bionic Healthy Home continuous air quality monitoring program let’s you see your indoor air quality from any smartphone or computer anywhere in the world.  The Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring technology combined with our Bionic Healthy Home air quality monitoring program provides you instant alerts as soon as the air quality in your home changes.  Get alerts and see crucial air quality data 24/7 so you can react before something happens.

Our monitoring and consulting program allows us to also see your air quality data and advise you on what you need to do to keep your home and family safe.

You can’t prevent mould growth or fix your air quality issues to prevent allergic reactions or health issues if you can’t access the indoor air quality data on a continuous basis.

This is why every home should be monitored for indoor air quality through our Bionic Healthy Home program using Airhtinx, the best air quality monitoring system in the world.

Contact us today to discuss keeping your home and family safe this winter.





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