Heating & Cooling Comfort

Healthy Furnace and Healthy Air Conditioning

Health and Comfort only by Bionic Healthy Home

Part of a Healthy Home is having reliable and evenly distributed comfortable temperatures throughout the home in both heating and cooling season. This means that your furnace as well as your air conditioning system needs to be in top running condition.

At Bionic Healthy Home, we are a full service Indoor Air Quality Company and HVAC Contractor. This means we not only sell, install and service the best in air purification and water purification products…we also provide the best in healthy heating and healthy air conditioning systems.

We are the home of healthy furnaces and healthy air conditioning solutions!

One stop shopping and customer care for air filtration, water filtration, healthy home product solutions as well as heating and cooling systems makes Bionic Healthy Home your partner in indoor health and comfort.

We proudly offer Napolean Heating and Air Conditioning systems. This high quality Canadian made furnace and air conditioning company has created the latest technology in long lasting, fuss free home comfort solutions. Ultra energy efficiency and long lasting quality at a reasonable price can only come from a Canadian company.

Contact us for a free in home healthy furnace and healthy air conditioning assessment and let us show you how you can be comfortable, healthy and worry free all year round.

Stay Cozy Warm in Winter

  • Reliable 10-15 year warranty
  • Soft start whisper quiet motor
  • Comfortable and even heat distribution
  • Healthy heat with UV disinfection built-in
  • Green technology with variable speed motor
  • Lower heating cos

Chill Out This Summer

  • Reliable with 10 year warranty
  • Whisper Quiet
  • More efficient air flow
  •  Green Technology with less energy usage
  •  100% Canadian to deal with our summer