Household Cleaners Can Cause Childhood Asthma

Household Cleaners Can Cause Childhood Asthma

A recent study just published reveals that much of childhood asthma may be environmentally caused. Household Cleaners Can Cause Childhood Asthma. This was a Canadian study involving over 2000 children exposed to household cleaning products such as detergents, soaps and other solutions in the first 4 months of their lives.

The study concluded that babies exposed to regular cleaning products in the formative stages of their young lives were at a higher risk of developing asthma at age 3 than other children who were not exposed to ‘regular’ household cleaning agents.

The likely culprit here is Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s. VOC’s are chemicals that can be in everyday household products such as cleaning agents, soaps, dishwasher tabs, dishsoap, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, etc. VOC’s can also be present in plug in air fresheners and personal hygiene products such as make up, deodorant, hair care products and cologne. VOC’s can be in laundry detergent and many decorating items.

The best way to reduce VOC’s is through buying items that are more natural and do not have a scent. Fresh and clean should have no odour! There are too many products on the market that claim to ‘smell fresh and clean’. If they really were clean, they wouldn’t smell like anything.

Typical VOC’s in cleaning agents can include:


Typical Health Effects of VOC’s:

Sinus issues
Respiratory issues
Skin irritation
Stomach and digestive issues

Sometimes its very difficult to control everything that comes into the home. This is why Bionic Healthy Home has ventilation systems and filtration systems that can absorb and significantly reduce airborne VOC’s. Improving the indoor air quality starts with reducing airborne chemical activity and VOC’s.

The Bionic Amaircare filtration systems have activated carbon filters as well as option zeolite filters that can abosorb and remove VOC’s from the breathable air. This reduces airborne VOC’s and improves indoor air quality.

If you have small kids, baby or even pets, these air filtration systems can prevent asthma later in life as the above Household Cleaners Can Cause Childhood Asthma study concluded.

Call us today and we can provide you with detailed information on VOC’s filtration with both central and portable air filtration solutions. We service the Toronto and surrounding GTA and will be happy to provide a quote to you.

A Healthy Home starts with Bionic Healthy Home and VOC reduction.

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