How Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Cause Respiratory Diseases?

The air we breathe is of the utmost importance to our comfort well being and health. You have heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat’. You are what you breathe!

Poor Indoor Air Quality will cause respiratory diseases.

Our sinuses, lungs and respiratory system have to deal with a lot that outdoor air and indoor air throw their way. Increasingly with climate change comes an increase in outdoor pollution. Let’s face it, the outdoor air quality is no longer as good as it used to be. Greenhouse gases has lead to an increase in CO, CO2 as well as VOC’s in our outdoor natural environment.

Whatever is in our natural environment is also in our indoor environment like our cars, homes and offices. What floats around in the ambient air, comes indoors and affects the indoor air quality.

What pollutants can be in Outdoor Air in most urban centres?

Pollen, seasonal allergens such as ragweed, weeds, dander and grasses
Mould spores
Asbestos fibres
Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC’s
Terpenes from pine and cedar trees
Exhaust gases such as CO and CO2 and nitrogen oxides
Smoke, dust, sand
Industrial pollution

All of these air pollutants are a natural and man made part of ambient air. This ambient air with all of these pollutants can infiltrate your indoor environment through simply opening the door to enter the building, open windows and through natural air seepage into the building through cracks and crevices. If there is an increase in outdoor pollution, there will be an increase in indoor pollution.

What pollutants can be in the Indoor Air in most homes and offices?

Outdoor pollutants listed above
Mould spores from indoor mould
Asbestos, fibreglass and lead from renovations
CO from incomplete or poorly vented combustion sources (water heater, furnace, fireplace)
CO2 from occupants
Dander from pets
Fragments from rodents
VOC’s from contents, furniture, building materials and decorating materials
VOC’s from insulation such as spray foam
Pesticides from pest control activities.

Indoor Air Quality is directly affected by pollutants from the outdoor air as well as what is happening in the indoor environment. Air filtration becomes an important factor in controlling air pollution and ensuring a healthy and safe indoor environment.

So what is Good Indoor Air Quality? Ideally, the outdoor pollutants should be significantly lower indoors compared to outdoor levels. This can and will change daily. However, if we have less pollutants indoors from outdoor sources then we will be able to breathe better indoors.

Indoor pollution can be mitigated by reducing or eliminating indoor sources.

VOC’s indoors can be significantly lowered to a level where it no longer impact the quality of the indoor air by avoiding perfumed cleaning products and choosing natural cleaning products. These days you can get VOC free paint and adhesives as well as furniture and decorating materials. Choosing more eco friendly building materials also helps.

Mould can be prevented through moisture control and dealing with water related mishaps before mould growth can set in.

But the most important tool to reducing indoor air pollution is having the right filtration equipment that reduces any airborne particulate whether its origin is from the outdoors or being produced indoors. Proper air filtration systems are the most important part in having a healthy home and good indoor air quality.

Every home should have an efficient and properly designed, installed and functioning furnace filtration system as well as either a central or portable HEPA filtration systems that assist the furnace filter in dramatically cleaning and reducing the air we breathe.

At Bionic Healthy Home we have the latest technology for indoor air filtration. All of our systems have been extensively tested over years of actual installations in homes and offices in the Toronto or GTA area. All of our products have been sourced from quality manufactures that just happen to be all in Canada, specifically in Ontario. We believe in supporting our local economy. Having all Canadian made air quality solutions also allows us to properly vet the manufacturing process and ensure a quality product that has parts and replacement filters easily available at a reasonable price.

Call us today to discuss hoe to make your home a healthy home.

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