How can your furnace filter improve your air quality and keep you healthy this winter?.

Most people believe that the furnace filter is something you change once in a while to keep the furnace clean.  Most of us don’t keep on top of changing the filter regularly, and many don’t know which filter to buy…so price can become the main decision maker.  You’re not alone.

However, overlooking your furnace filter, not having the right furnace filter, not changing the filter as required and in some cases not even having one can cost you hundreds of dollars each heating season in extra heating costs, wear and tear on your equipment and can actually increase seasonal allergic reaction, allergies as well as increase the amount of colds you will have this winter.  

Yes, your furnace filter can actually improve the indoor air quality, save you money in heating costs and keep you and your family healthy.  How you ask?  Well let’s get started.

Filter Woes Scenario 1:

Not changing your filter at all, not changing filter as needed, and even buying an expensive filter that clogs easily because it’s too efficient.  You read this right.  Too efficient is not good either…


All three of these issues will clog the filter and prevent proper air flow and heat distribution throughout your home.  A filter that is not changed at all or not often enough will quickly prevent air flow through the filter which will reduce air from passing through the heating core and will make the furnace work harder to distribute warm air through the home.

Even the best pleated and most efficient filter can clog quickly because it collects too much dust.

This will result in the furnace blower fan working over time.  This will wear out the motor and cost more to heat your home.  Not to mention the potential early retirement of your furnace itself.  In other words, saving money on the filter by not changing it or not changing it enough will cost you lots more money down the road.  Buying an expensive filter that reduces too much air flow will have the same result.


Filter Woes Scenario 2:

Not having a furnace filter or having a cheap filter will not remove enough dust and particulate from the air.  


This will cause ducts to get dirty, will cause the furnace system and all the connected components to get dirty, dirties the house and the air your breathe.  This will now cost money to clean and may lead to unnecessary repairs to your equipment.

Furnace filters are designed to removed ordinary household dust, fibres, bacteria and viruses (if you have the right system) which keeps your house clean, sanitary and helps prevent negative health reactions, allergies and even the dreaded winter cold and flu.

Winter germs like bacteria and viruses can be airborne and can cause you to be sick this winter if your furnace filtration system is not designed to collect these bioaerosols and if it’s not working properly.


Filter Solution:

Bionic Healthy Home specializes in healthy home products such as air filtration systems, water filtration systems, living walls as well as indoor comfort such as heating and cooling.  Bionic Healthy Home will test your air, determine what you need to stay healthy this winter and do complimentary follow up testing to make sure the systems you purchased are working as promised.

Don’t guess with your health or your family’s health this winter.  Make sure you live in a healthy home and that all of your filtration systems are working.

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