How Healthy Is Your Home?

If you’re wondering how healthy your home is…wonder no more!  We can help you determine the health status of your home and we can show you how easy it is to make your home a healthy home.

The first step is to do a Healthy Home assessment.  In this first step towards a Healthy Home we will perform a visual inspection of the home, take an inventory of air filtration and water filtration systems (if you have any) and perform an indoor air quality test to see what your starting point is.

We will check for the following:

  1. What are your airborne dust levels in the air in the home
  2. What are the dust levels coming from vents
  3. What are your vacuum cleaners emitting into the air
  4. Do you have adequate ventilation
  5. Are there odours
  6. Do you have gases
  7. Are there hidden moisture issues
  8. Are there hidden mould issues
  9. What water filtration do you have
  10. Allergy and medical questionnaire

From the above healthy home assessment we can better assist you in making your home a healthy home for you and your family.  Why live in a home that has inadequate ventilation, has excessive dust in the breathable air, has odours, mould and has water with dangerous contaminants for bathing and drinking.  Why live with an indoor environment that does not filter out pollutants and create oxygen for health and well being.

A Bionic Healthy Home can do all of these things.  Pure, fresh clean air and water for a healthier life.

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Frank Haverkate

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