How To Get Great Indoor Air Quality This Summer

With the first wave of COVID-19 starting to wind down in the last few days, we are getting more calls now for clients interested in making sure they are healthy this summer. This is how you get great indoor air quality this summer.

The biggest issue in Southern Ontario in summer months are humidity and allergens. Humidity makes the heat and higher temperature seem uncomfortable. Humidity also manages bacterial and viral growth including mould spores. Humidity either too low or too high can have negative indoor air quality results.

For a healthy home this summer these are the 3 indoor air quality parameters that are the most important.

Top Three Things Needed For Best Indoor Air Quality This Summer:

1.Air Conditioning
2.Air Purification

Air conditioning keeps indoor temperature as well as indoor relative humidity levels at comfortable and healthy levels. Make sure your indoor humidity does not get too high this summer. Solution? Air Conditioning keeps relative humidity at comfortable levels.

To Prevent Viral Spread Indoors, Relative Humidity Must Be Maintained Between 40%-60%

Air purification is important in making sure outdoor allergens such as pollen, ragweed and mould spores provide a safe haven or sanctuary from seasonal allergies. These days with a potential viral spread, air purification is also crucial in controlling airborne viruses and airborne mould spores indoors. Having an efficient furnace filter is not enough. Ordinary pleated furnace filters only protect your furnace and duct work. They are not very efficient in purifying the air that you breathe. We have air purification systems designed to control outdoor as well as indoor bio-threats.

Lastly, ventilation is crucial to keep outdoor allergens as well as indoor air pollution from affecting the health of your family. Poor ventilation leads to an accumulation of airborne bacteria, airborne viruses, airborne mould spores and airborne dust allergens. Poor ventilation also leads to an increase in gases and VOC’s and is usually the leading cause of odours indoors.

The Financial Times summed it up best. Healthy Buildings can help us fight coronavirus.

If you’re looking to improve the indoor air quality in your home and make your home a healthy home sanctuary…give us a call right now. We offer the best HVAC systems, healthy air conditioning systems, air purification systems and ventilation solutions in the GTA.

Make your home a healthy home and get the best indoor air quality this summer.

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