Is Your Home Helping To Protect You From COVID-19?

New Studies Link Indoor Air Pollution and Covid-19.

New data indicates a possible link between indoor air quality and the risk of spreading COVID-19 in homes as well as workplaces.  Here are some of the recent headlines:

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Cleaning Your Home For Coronavirus?  Don’t Forget Your Indoor Air.

A recent Harvard study concluded that exposure to air pollution had a direct effect on the death rate of COVID-19 patients.  It appears that long-term exposure to airborne dust and particulate can lead to a large increase in COVID-19 death rate.  Air pollution indoors can have a serious effect on our respiratory system as well make us immunocompromised.  Your air quality is now more important than ever.


How can you improve your indoor air quality and help prevent viral spread in your home?

Here are 3 easy ways to protect your family and improve your indoor air quality.

  1. Ventilation – Prevent Stale Air 

Poor ventilation or stale air can cause a lack of air exchange or air flow indoors.  This can cause a build up of indoor pollutants, dust, allergens as well as coronavirus that may be trapped or in contact with airborne dust or airborne moisture droplets.  The more ventilation or air exchange indoors, the better.  Your home should have  as much outdoor air passing through your indoor environment as possible to flush out any airborne pollutants.  This concept applies to both residential as well as workplaces.  An HRV or ERV is the first step in achieving proper ventilation in your home.


  1. Air Filtration and Air Purification – Remove the threat

Indoor spaces like your home need proper air filtration systems to capture and remove airborne pollutants and viruses.  A build up or elevation of airborne pollutants can on their own lead to respiratory and sinus infections.  During this pandemic you need to avoid a compromised respiratory system should you be exposed to COVID-19!

In addition to providing good respiratory health, good air filtration systems can not only reduce airborne particulate but can also filter out airborne viruses such as COVID-19.

Hospitals dealing with COVID-19 have ultra-efficient ventilation systems.  They also have extremely efficient air filtration systems to significantly reduce airborne transmission of viruses.

A proper air filtration system in your home is crucial in reducing the potential of airborne transmission of any health threat!  This includes mould, fibres, bacteria and viruses like SARS, COVID-19 and the next pandemic that could be airborne.

A good quality pleated furnace filter on its own is not enough to properly protect your home from airborne viruses.  In most cases a central HEPA filtration systems as well as UV systems are needed to remove airborne viruses.


  1. Control Humidity – Air Conditioning is the key

Several studies have found that seasonal flu viruses are dependent on humidity for its survival and community spread.  

A new study on COVID-19 found that the virus can thrive in very dry conditions (winter) but also in very damp conditions (humid summer).  The study found that too much outdoor humidity can also support viral spread.  

Our summers in Toronto and the GTA can be very humid.  If you don’t have a properly functioning air conditioning system that reduced indoor humidity in your home, you could have a higher risk of viral spread over the next few months as the weather heats up.

According to a study published in MedicalNewsToday indoor humidity should be kept between 40-60% to prevent a viral spread.

Homes that do not have poorly functioning air conditioning systems may be putting it’s occupants at risk of Thermal Stress according to ASHRAE.  Thermal Stress can lower your body’s immune system and can lead to an increased risk of contracting illness and disease.  

So have your air conditioning systems checked and services and make sure they are ready for the Toronto hot and humid summer to protect your health this summer.  


Need a new healthy air conditioning system? Don’t delay as HVAC companies will likely be very busy this summer.

Not sure if you have a Healthy Home? Bionic Healthy Home can asses your indoor air quality and provide detailed steps in ventilation, air purification and healthy air conditioning solutions to keep you and your family safe from potential viral issues indoors.

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