Living Wall

The heart and centre piece of your Healthy Home.

Bionic Living Wall

The Bionic Healthy Home Living Wall is the most important part of a complete Healthy Home. This stunning and natural eco system not only completes the natural and healthy look and feel of your healthy home…it is your healthy home.

We carefully select the best air quality plants that make up your living wall system to absorb pollutants like CO, CO2, gases, VOC’s and odours. Not only does the Bionic Living Wall absorb airborne pollutants it produces oxygen to give that rain forest, spa like scent to your home.

Central Living Wall

Ideally, your healthy home should have 1 large living wall centrally located to serve as the main oxygen producing and pollutant absorbing air quality system. This would usually be located in either a large stairwell or living room area.

Then you should have several Bionic Live Pictures and Bionic Live picture Go’s to complete the natural healthy home natural oxygen system.

healthy home toronto
healthy home toronto

Live Picture

To complement the Living Wall, we have the Bionic Live Pictures. Similar to a flat screen TV or large painting, the Bionic Live Pictures are strategically located in large areas or large rooms to complement and assist the Living Wall in purifying your indoor air.

Bionic Live Picture Go​

Bionic Live Picture Go’s are smaller living walls that are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens to add a pleasant scent to these areas while producing oxygen and absorbing pollutants. Fun fact: The Kitchen version can be used to grow herbs for the foodies that want great air and great taste.

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Did You know

1) Without plants we couldn’t breathe 2) Living Walls are similar to having a rain forest in your home…pure, clean air. 3) Living walls help combat and reverse climate change.air quality each time you vacuum. 4) Only plants can absorb and reverse the planet’s CO2 increase

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