Make Sure Your Air Conditioning System is supporting Your Health and Comfort

Air conditioning systems not only keep is cool and comfortable in the summer. Properly functioning air conditioning systems also protect our health and improve indoor air quality for a healthy home.

As well are all looking forward to summer and warmer temperature, we will also be getting into air conditioning season. A properly functioning air conditioning system will be important in making sure there is no disruption of keeping your home cool.

However, air conditioning systems not only keep us cool. Properly maintained air conditioning systems also control the indoor relative humidity. AC systems provide dehumidification as a side benefit. Elevated relative humidity indoor can lead to discomfort, the feeling that it is actually warmer indoors and has now been linked to a potential indoor environmental threat and spread of COVID-19.

To Prevent Viral Spread Indoors, Relative Humidity Must Be Maintained Between 40%-60%

So the issue becomes that viral spread indoors is greater in winter because our RH levels are usually below 40%. They can also again become and issue in the summer with proper air conditioning as outdoor humidity in Southern Ontario can reach about 70%. The answer…Air conditioning!

Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. The cooling coils inside your air conditioning system can build up dampness through condensation, which if not regularly disinfected or cleaned can build up dust, dirt and sludge that supports allergens, bacteria and mould. If you smell odours coming out of your vents when you start up your AC system, you could have an indoor air quality threat.

Bionic Healthy Home can assess your present air quality and air conditioning system and make sure that you have a healthy air conditioning system to provide good indoor air quality and make your home a healthy home this summer. As the COVID-19 issue is likely to stay with us for several more months, preventing viral spread indoors is ever more crucial.

Bionic Healthy Home provides air purification systems including air filtration products, UV disinfection lamp systems as well as healthy air conditioning solutions.

Prevention is the Key during this Pandemic

Experts agree that the HVAC industry this summer will be very busy with people wanting to repair or replace their air conditioning systems should they fail. Past summers, not having AC just meant that you would feel hot and sweaty for a few days until your system is repaired or replaced. With COVID-19 and the need to keep the relative humidity low or below 60%, no AC calls will be more of an emergency call than ever. Don’t get caught panicking when your AC stops working. Schedule a maintenance or replacement of your AC system is it wasn’t working properly last summer.

Healthy Air Conditioning means a Healthy Home. Air Conditioning will support your health and safety this summer.

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