Office Living Walls Improve Air Quality, Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity

Most employers know the advantages plants can bring to the office environment as far as aesthetics and general air quality.  However, to properly and fully benefit from greenery in the workplace you would need dozens of potted plants and require the space and staff with a green thumb to water and care for them…until now!  

Introducing the Bionic Environments Living Wall system.  This innovative living wall solution is ideal for any workspace small or large, hangs on the wall, contains dozens of plants that don’t need a green thumb and needs water in one convenient spout about every 2 weeks.  So no more excuses.

Living walls not only bring a design element and a green office feel to any work environment but it can actually boost the bottom line of your company.

Aside from the air quality benefits plants or living walls can bring in airborne pollutant absorption and oxygen production, these natural solutions can boost employee moral, staff retention, reduce sick days and boost productivity.  And they are not expensive.

A recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health concluded that spending just $40 per employee per year in improved air quality resulted in an increase of $6,500 in productivity.

How does it do this?  

  1. Cleaner air leads to fewer health complaints such as headaches, respiratory irritation and increases focus and attention.
  2. Less CO2 and more oxygen reduces the 3:00pm mental wall most people hit in an indoor work environment and reduces cognitive errors.
  3. Less air quality complaints, allergic reactions or illness decreases absenteeism.  More workers at work equals more work completed.
  4. Well being and positive mood and moral leads to more efficient decision making, logical reasoning and innovative approaches.
  5. Results show that employees working in a green condition environment perform 61% better on cognitive tasks than in a standard office condition.

Living walls bring air quality benefits, modern green design, employee moral and retention as well as financial profitability in one simple solution.

Living walls can be small or large and can be installed in reception areas, boardrooms, individual offices, communal workspaces as well as lobbies.  In fact, even the international space station has had living walls to improve the indoor air quality.

If you are planning a corporate relocation, renovation or simply want to improve the indoor air quality and employee productivity in your work space, give us a call.  Living walls can be customized to fit any budget and any work environment.

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Frank Haverkate

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