Prevent Airborne Bacteria and Viruses In Your Home

Prevent Airborne Bacteria and Viruses In Your Home

With all the recent global worries about COVID-19 or the Coronovirus outbreak, we though it would be timely to blog about how to prevent airborne bacteria and viruses in your home. Bacterial and viral organisms can infiltrate any indoor space and cause a significant health risk. However, there are some prevention solutions available for any healthy home.

Most bacterial infections and exposure to viruses are usually contact transmission rather than airborne. However, airborne bacteria and airborne viruses are possible, and preventable.

The cold and dry winter months are a haven for bacteria and viruses to thrive. In fact, most bacteria and viruses can live longer on surfaces as well as in the air when the relative humidity is low, as in winter months. This is why we have a cold and flu season in winter.

Bacteria indoors can come a variety of sources. These can be from human occupants as well as pets, pests, plumbing mishaps and the list goes on. Viral issues indoors are usually brought into the home from kids and adults bringing them home from being on public transit, public places or being a carrier of the flu.

The first line of defence for any home is regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are likely to be a source for transmission. Touching a surface, table, counter, handle, railing, cell phone or other object that has the bacteria or virus on it and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth or handling food without properly washing your hands first. Ordinary soap and water will do the trick with a little bit of vinegar.

However, you should also have a closer look at the furnace filtration and air filtration system in your home. A proper furnace filtration system can filter bacteria and viruses out of the air. Most viruses are fairly large in size in relation to fine household dust and most HEPA filtration systems or anything that can filter a particle of 1.0 microns in size should suffice. Airborne bacteria and viruses will likely come from people coughing unless there is another source.

There are also UV disinfection systems can are installed in the return plenum of the duct system that are designed to kill airborne bacteria and viruses.

Central HEPA filtration systems can also capture bacteria and viruses that are too small to be filtered by the furnace filter system and provide an additional benefit to keeping bacteria and viruses out of your home.

Call us today and we can help you make your home a healthy home by preventing airborne bacteria and viruses from making you and your family ill.

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