Prevent Viral Spread In Your Home with Air Purification and Proper Humidification

Prevent Viral Spread In Your Home with Air Purification and Proper Humidification 

A recent Yale University study found that indoor air quality in your home can have an effect on the viral spread to other occupants (including seasonal flu and COVID-19) and the severity of symptoms.

According to Dr. Meredith McCormack, an associate professor at Yale and also works for the America Lung Association, “a person exposed to air pollution would likely have worse outcome if they were exposed to coronavirus”.  She explains that “increased pollution increases susceptibility to infection” and “ now that many of us are cooped up at home, indoor air quality is even more important”.

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So what is the best way to ensure proper indoor air quality?

  1. Proper air purification and air filtration that actually filters out bacteria and viruses.
  2. Proper ventilation through HRV and ERV’s that are properly balanced and the right size for your home.


Medical News Today recently published an article that viruses like COVID-19 may be controlled through proper indoor relative humidity.  A clinical study suggested that having indoor RH% between 40-60% may control the viral spread on surfaces and in the air for viruses like the coronavirus.

So how is this achieved?

  1. Proper humidity setting and a properly functioning central humidifier in winter
  2. A properly functioning and properly sized air conditioning system in summer

Summer is coming and that means humidity.  Relative humidity indoors that is too high is not ideal either as viruses tend to thrive in low and high humidity.  This can pose a real problem in the upcoming cooling season or summer.  Many of us have oversized or undersized air conditioning systems that may actually not dehumidify properly.  Others have older AC’s that may not perform adequately or at all should a heat wave hit Toronto.

Bionic Healthy Home has you covered.  We have sourced and tested the best air purification systems as well as ventilation systems to improve the indoor air quality of your home.  Since we are also a fully HVAC company we also sell, install and maintain healthy heating systems or healthy furnaces as well as healthy air conditioning systems.

Good indoor air quality is proper fresh air from outside with low allergens (including more serious ones like COVID-19) in the breathable air.

We test the indoor air quality of your home before making any recommendations.  We then provide you with healthy home solution to keep you and your family safe during this difficult time.

We always performa follow up air quality assessments with instrumentation to show you that the indoor air quality equipment you purchased works as intended.

Bionic Healthy Home is your healthy home partner.  Call us today about your air purification, air humidification and air conditioning needs to keep you safe in spring through the summer.

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