Pure Water

Water without impurities such as lead, bacteria, pesticides and hospital waste.

Pure Water from every Tap

Why brush your teeth with impurities and bathe in water with chlorine? We have whole house water
purification systems as well as drinking water systems that give you what you need…just water!
City water is purified for biologicals such as bacteria. Other impurities such as chemicals, pesticides,
prescription medication and hospital waste can remain in the sanitized water. Once the water is
transported from the municipal water purification facility to your home, it can collect, rust, asbestos,
lead and other additional impurities.

Whole House Water Filtration

A whole house water filtration system is the first line of defence for clean water. It can remove chlorine and other impurities making the water from every tap cleaner, softer on your skin and taste and smell better.

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Clean water to brush your teeth

Don’t brush your teeth with impurities. You could ingest, rusts, asbestos fibres, chlorine and other impurities.

Clean water for bathing

Today’s pool and hot tub systems are salt water to be more gentle on your skin and sanitize the water. So why are you bathing and showering daily in chlorine? You deserve the best for your skin!

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Pure Water for Drinking

When you want a glass of water…you should be getting just water. Why drink lead, pesticides, chlorine, bacteria and birth control medication. Reverse Osmosis systems provide pure water

Did You know

1) City water is only purified for biologicals such as bacteria 2) City water can contain pesticides 3)City water can contain birth control meds 4) City water can contain hospital waste

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