Trouble Sleeping? Poor Indoor Air Quality Could Be The Reason

A recent study from the University of Washington and published in liveScience found that people who had high levels of air pollution in their bedroom were 60% more likely to sleep poorly.  The study also found that chronic insomnia can also lead to long term health issues such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

So what air quality pollutants could be the issue?  For the most part poor indoor air quality or air pollutants that affect sleep are airborne dust particulate as well as airborne chemicals such as VOC’s.  Airborne dust can be ordinary household dust or fine dust as well as mould, bacteria and viruses.  Other fibres such as asbestos and fibreglass can also affect the respiratory system.

Solution?  Get better air filtration.

Bionic Healthy Home can centrally filter the air in every room of your home with an electronic furnace filter that removes most particulate up to 74%.  Then a central HEPA filtration system takes airborne dust filtration as well as VOC absorption to the next level of 99.97%.  These 2 systems together can take your home to the cleanest air possible.

Better Air Filtration = Better Sleep = Better Health.

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Frank Haverkate

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