What Do Air Filters Remove From Your Breathable Air

What Do Air Filters Remove From Your Breathable Air

Air filtration is becoming increasingly important as the outdoor air becomes more polluted. Unfortunately with climate change comes an increase in outdoor pollution and particulates that can make their way into our homes and negatively affect our indoor air quality.

People suffering from asthma, seasonal allergies and individuals with lung or respiratory issues or diseases are even more susceptible to health reactions as the quality of the air we breathe declines. There may come a time in the not so distant future where we will need an indoor safe heaven from outdoor pollution. Fortunately, the technology is already here.

There is an easy and affordable way to make sure your indoor air quality is fresh and clean with the ultimate in air filtration technology.

So what is in the air we breathe indoors? Here are some of the components of the air that could be in any average home that does not have proper air filtration.

What is in you unfiltered air?

1. Excessive household dust
2. Fibres such as asbestos and fibreglass
3. Mould spores
4. Bacteria and viruses
5. Car and diesel exhaust (especially of you live near a major road or highway)
6. Candle soot
7. Cigarette or vape particulates such as soot, tar, nicotine, benzine, etc.
8. VOC’s or chemicals from furniture or contents
9. Formaldehyde
10. Insect, cockroach particles and faces from rodents

None of the above sound particularly appetizing but are inhaled everyday in homes all over the GTA. If you only have a pleated furnace filter and no other air filtration device, it is very likely you are inhaling some or all of the above every time you breathe.

The best way to determine if you have any of these issues is to have one of our consultants come to your home and perform an air quality assessment. A laser particle counter and in some cases some laboratory analysis of your indoor air quality will give you important information on what you need to make your home a healthy home.

HEPA air filters can change the air you breathe and make your home a healthier place to live, love and laugh.

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