Why drink filtered water and still bathe or brush your teeth with polluted water?

This questions usually gets a surprised response.  Most people these days realize that drinking water from the tap is probably not the best for your long term health.  There have been numerous stories over the last few decades where municipal water was found to either have high bacterial contamination or lead that was not communicated until it was much too late.

I think it’s safe to say that mot people these days drink either bottled water or have a water filtration system or reverse osmosis drinking water system in their home.

However, what most people don’t realize is that they should pay just as much attention to the water quality that comes out of their bathroom tap (for brushing your teeth or washing your face), comes out of the kitchen tap (for washing glasses, dishes and providing water for their pets) and what you bathe or shower with.  

Municipal water (by the time it comes out of your tap) contains chlorine and can contain hospital waste, prescription drugs, birth control, pesticides, lead, asbestos and the list goes on.  Why would you want to brush your teeth with this and why would you want to sit in a bath with this type of contamination?  

Showering instead?  This may actually be worse!  Water is treated at the municipal water treatment plant with chlorine.  The chlorine remains in the water from the treatment plant until you use it in your home for any of the above activities.  When chlorine combines with organic matter (which are certainly to be found in the water supply line and pipes of your house) it creates a compound called trithalomethanes (THMs) which is a disinfectant byproduct.  THMs can be in the form of chloroform and trichloramines which are carcinogenic.

THMs can cause lung cancer, bladder cancer, rectal cancer lowered birth rates, spontaneous abortions, birth defects and the list goes on.  THMs may also lead to asthma and may damage the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract.

Solution?  It’s actually really easy and not expensive.  A whole house water filtration system installed in your home where the municipal water pipe enters your home would remove these pollutants including the chlorine.

You would be brushing your teeth, washing your face, bathing, showering and water your plants and hydrating your pets with clean, filtered water coming from every faucet in the home.

Call us, we can show you how easy and affordable this solution is.

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Frank Haverkate

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